About Live Free By You

Our vision

As you get older and become more in control of your life, taking on more responsibilities, planning more for the future, and really starting to live as an individual. We hope to make the right decisions as we continue to grow. We also know that is not possible, that somewhere down the line in life we will mess up.

Because we mess up doesn’t mean we should change who we are or have this superior authority over us. We should be able to live free and be who we are (be you) and continue from where we left off.

Life is what we make it, some will have it easier than others but that don’t mean we all can’t succeed at the same place in the end. 
Whatever goals we set or dreams we think of can be achieved. Keep in mind nothing is handed to us and there will be some failure. Those things come only to help get us closer to our accomplishments - and without them, we could not succeed.

That is why I created Live Free Be You as a reminder that can fit into any individual’s lifestyle.

 Living your life the way you want to live it without worrying or stressing.

Live Free Be You is a name that empowers confidence, motivation, strength, existence, freedom, etc. When wearing our product you should feel like anything is obtainable, the way you want to obtain it. Live Free Be You. changes the way you think and feel about yourself.